Metals Environmental and Terrestrial Analytical Laboratory (METAL)

The Metals, Environmental and Terrestrial Analytical Laboratory (METAL) is a shared-use facility available to all research staff, faculty, and students of all disciplines, within ASU, other universities, and commercial groups. Our laboratories house a collection of analytical instruments and preparative equipment for quantitative analysis supporting environmental and ecological research, among many other fields. Our instrumentation can support colorimetric/flow-injection, elemental analysis, surface area and porosity, gas phase carbon isotope analysis, ion chromatography, isotopic analysis of greenhouse gases, isotope-ratio mass spectrometry of light elements, and inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry analyses of much of the periodic table. We specialize in measuring radiogenic and mass-dependent metal isotopes by multi-collector inductively-coupled plasma mass spectrometry.

Staff are committed to providing the tools necessary to meet the analytical needs of researchers while creating a valuable educational experience for users. Although most users prefer to receive individualized hands-on training enabling them to perform their own analyses, complete analytical services are also available. If you are have questions about laboratory capabilities, or a project you would like to discuss, please contact Gwyneth Gordon at 


More Information

Visit the Metals, Environmental and Terrestrial Analytical Laboratory for details on equipment and services. 


Location & Hours of Operation

Hours: Monday - Friday, 8 AM - 5 PM

Facility is available to trained users by SunCard access 24/7. Users are advised to never work alone in the lab. 





Name Role Phone Email
Samrat Amin Core Director (480) 965-3483
Gwyneth Gordon Assistant Research Professor (480) 993-6600
Sarah McGregor Laboratory Specialist (GEL) (480) 727-9044
Natalya Zolotova Laboratory Manager (IRMS) (480) 965-8363


Protocols & Procedures

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  • More information about our facility and instrumentation
  • Equipment Operating Procedures
  • Best Practices
  • Sample Prep Methods
  • Calculation Tools
  • General Lab Use Protocols
  • Quality Control Guides



Name Role Phone Email Location
Gwyneth Gordon
Laboratory Manager
(480) 993-6600
PSF 234

Services List

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BET (6)
Carbon / Nitrogen (8)
Colorimetric (Nutrient) Analysis (7)
Greenhouse Gas Analyzer (5)
ICP (10)
Ion Chromatography (6)
IRMS (12)
MC-ICP-MS (12)
Prep (13)
Microscale Thermophoresis (4)

Available Equipment and Resources

Analytical (8)
HPLC - Agilent 1260 (1)
ICP (4)
IRMS (3)
Microscale Thermophoresis (1)
Preparative (13)
Westerhoff/Herckes ICPMS (1)