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SOLS Shared Resource Facility

Real time PCR in the SOLS SRF is run on an ABI7900HT thermocycler using a 384 well format. Samples are usually set up in respective laboratories. For training on the software and help in experimental setup, please reach out to Primers and probes can be designed using ABI Primer Express software.

The Biotek HT1 Plate Reader scans multiple plate types in Absorbance, Fluorescence or Luminescence modes. Training is provided on the software and plate setup. The HT1 is equipped with gas control to allow anaerobic measurements or measurements under other environmental conditions. DNA and protein quantitation can also be done in a small volume 16 well plate. Training is currently available.


Room Access

  • To obtain ISAAC access to LSE S17 - Submit your request using this RegenMed Core Access Form Or email

Location and hours of operation


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   SOLS Shared Resource Lab

   School of Life Sciences

   PO Box 874501

   ASU, Tempe AZ 85282-4501

  SOLS Shared Resource Lab

   School of Life Sciences

   427 E. Tyler Mall

   ASU, Tempe AZ 85287-4501

Hours: Monday - Friday, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM




Name Role Phone Email Location
Genomics Core
Fragment Analysis
(480) 965-4998

Regenerative Medicine Core
Instrument Training


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Sanger Sequencing (4)
PCR Purification (1)
Fragment Analysis (2)
Plasmid Preps (1)
Instrument Use (3)

Available Equipment and Resources

Name Price
ABI 7900 HT Real time PCR  
Default additional charges
ABI 7900 HT Real Time PCR - Per Run w/ Customer-Owned Plate ASU Standard $12.00 each
Academic/Non-Profit $17.00 each
ABI 7900 HT Real Time PCR - Per Run w/ DNA Lab Plate ASU Standard $17.00 each
Academic/Non-Profit $22.00 each
Biotek HT1 Plate Reader  
Default additional charges
Biotek HT1 Plate Reader - Per Session ASU Standard $4.00 block
Academic/Non-Profit $5.00 block
Nanodrop ND1000  
NanoVue Spectrophotometer