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Ultrafast Laser Facility

Overview of Services

This multi-user facility is specialized in the development and application of time-resolved laser spectroscopy for chemical, biological and material researches. It provides advanced laser technologies and instruments for spectroscopic and imaging measurements to analyze varoius kinetic processes in real time with temporal resolution down to femtosecond time scales and spatial resolution and sensitivity to the point where single molecule signals are detectable. The spectroscopy part of the facility consists of several femtosecond Titanium:Sapphire lasers coupled with transient absorption and fluorescence spectrometers, providing users with a broad range of excitation and probe wavelengths for kinetic measurements. The single molecule microscopy part of the facility consists of a pulsed laser, a confocal microscope, and a single photon counting detection system.


Timothy Karr

Assistant Director



Anton Khmelnitskiy



Douglas Daniel





Location and hours of operation

Hours Staffed Location

Monday - Friday     

8 am - 6 pm

Lab: BioA L1-09

Phone: 480-727-0124

1001 S. McAllister Ave.

Tempe, AZ 85287-5001

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Name Role Phone Email Location
Douglas Daniel
(480) 727-8383
Timothy Karr
Assistant Director
(480) 277-3910

Anton Khmelnitskiy

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