Center for Environmental Health Engineering (EHE)

Safeguarding human health

More than half of human health problems are linked to environmental factors. Today, we face risks including those from environmental contamination, communicable diseases, endocrine disrupting chemicals in consumer products, aerosolized biological agents, micro- and nanoplastics pollution, and our own behaviors and dietary choices.

The Biodesign Center for Environmental Health Engineering is safeguarding human health and critical ecosystems by detecting, minimizing, and ultimately eliminating harmful chemical and biological agents through the design and implementation of cost-effective engineering, industry engagement and public policy. Our team works at the regional, national and global scale to better understand and manage key environmental determinants of human health and global sustainability.



Rolf Halden, Director

Matthew Scotch, Assistant Director

Erin Driver, Assistant Research Specialist

Devin Bowes, Graduate Research Assistant




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Erin Driver