Research Computing


Large-scale computational resources for effective research 

Research Computing at Arizona State University maintains the academic supercomputing facility, providing high-performance and high-throughput computing environments to support research data needs.  Our experts provide ASU faculty, staff, students and collaborators with research technology and sponsored project consulting services.  ASU also houses a Big Data Analytics Engine that uses a Hadoop cluster with enough nodes and bandwidth for advanced data analysis and machine learning. 


We can help you with your computational needs

Any ASU researcher interested in our resources is entitled to 25,000 core hours per month at no cost. Research Computing represents leading academic supercomputing capabilities — providing a high-performance computing environment, a high-end data intensive ecosystem (Big Data), a highly available 100 gigabit Internet2 connected network internal and external via Internet2 through an ESNET Science DMZ, large-scale data storage and elastic capacity to the public cloud prefunded by the university.

Dynamic infrastructure that responds to your variable IT needs
  • large-scale data storage
  • secure networking
  • cloud computing
  • variety of software packages
  • access to Internet2
25,000 subsidized core hours per month, per researcher
  • several HPC clusters
  • large scratch space available
  • GPU resources available
  • researcher and departmental customizations
  • consultation services
A team of experts to guide and support you
  • custom research technology solutions
  • access to research and education networks
  • research proposal support
  • ad hoc consultation and training for software and algorithms


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Citing Research Computing

Please reference ASU Research Computing in any research report, journal or publication that requires citation of any author's work. The minimal content of a citation should include:

Research Computing, Arizona State University

Our suggested acknowledgement is:

The authors acknowledge Research Computing at Arizona State University for providing {HPC, storage, etc.} resources that have contributed to the research results reported within this paper. URL:

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Richard Gould, Director of Systems Infrastructure

Gil Speyer, Lead Scientific Software Engineer


Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

Tuesday & Wednesday 1–4pm

Summer Hours: Tuesday 1-4pm only 

GWC 546


Name Role Phone Email Location
Richard Gould

Ian Shaeffer
Operations Manager


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