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Advanced Light Microscopy Core


The Advanced Light Microscopy Facility comprises two full-service microscopy facilities available to researchers, clinical partners and industry members with the instruments and resources for a range of bioimaging services as well as analysis of non-biological materials. Due to the sensitive nature of live cell imaging, ASU Core Research Facilities offers two locations for client convenience. 



About the Biodesign Imaging Facility



About the Regenerative Medicine Imaging Facility


Overview of Services

Located in the Biodesign Institute at Arizona State University, the Biodesign Imaging Facility provides technology, instrumentation and expertise to meet critical research needs in optical microscopy. The facility houses state-of-the-art research tools to enable the observation of subcellular structures, track signaling pathways, and measure molecular interactions in live or fixed biological samples. This core specializes in live cell imaging; all microscopes are accessorized with on-stage incubators that maintain temperature, humidity and controllable gas mixtures to facilitate imaging of even highly sensitive biological phenomena. Live cell experiments are further supported by a cell culture facility adjoining the imaging suite. The entire core is BSL-2 certified. A dedicated image analysis workstation is available with software that includes deconvolution, particle tracking, ratiometrics, colocalization, 3D measurements, extended depth of field and other analytic and image processing modules. 


Honor Glenn, PhD
Research Scientist
(480) 965-1310
Biodesign A310A

Hours* Location

Monday - Friday

*Trained User Access 24/7

Biodesign Institute B-Wing
1001 S McAllister Ave
Tempe, AZ 85281



Overview of Services

The Regenerative Medicine and Bioimaging Facility, previously known as the Keck Bioimaging Facility, was originally founded in 1997 and has served more than 150 principal investigators throughout the Phoenix metro area including external partners from Barrow Neurological Institute, Mayo Clinic Scottsdale, USDA, and the NIH Diabetes Facility in Phoenix. With new advancements in stem cell biology, the Arizona Board of Regents has funded the expansion of this facility to include the Regenerative Medicine and Flow Cytometry Facilities within the same location. This facility is currently housed in the School of Life Sciences C Wing and is one of two microscopy facilities within the Advanced Light Microscopy Facility at the ASU Tempe campus. The Regenerative Medicine and Bioimaging Facility houses some of the latest bioimaging technology including; widefield, laser scanning confocal, multiphoton, fluorescence, lightsheet, and live cell microscopy.



D. Page Baluch, PhD
Research Scientist FSC
(480) 727-0725
LSC L2-10

Hours* Location

Monday - Friday

*Trained User Access 24/7

Life Sciences C-Wing
LSC L2-80
427 E Tyler Mall
Tempe, AZ 85287-4501




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