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Advanced Electronics and Photonics

About the Center


Advanced Electronics and Photonics (AEP) Core experts collaborate with government, academia and industry to provide comprehensive flexible electronics capabilities that bridge the high-risk, resource-intensive gap between innovation and product development in an information-secure environment. Our world-class facility offers unique manufacturing pilot lines (150 mm wafer-scale and 300 mm) in a Class 100 clean room. We provide an information-secure environment for process, tool and materials development and evaluation. We also integrate sustainable microelectronics processing into all of our activities.

Backplane electronics design, fabrication, wafer-level packaging, test and integration capability are all located within the AEP headquarters at ASU Research Park in Tempe. The center operates dedicated pilot line toolsets for technology development and for technology demonstrator production. The 150 mm wafer-scale Pilot Line tools are dedicated to research and development while the 300 mm wafer scale pilot line tools are for proving processes in a foundry environment.

Capabilities include wet and dry etch, sputter, evaporation, PECVD, maskless photolithography, plating, dicing, grinding, chip attach, wafer scale packaging, flexible electronics processing, thin film transistor processing, and thin film metrology.


Sponsor Services

  • Integrated circuit (IC) design and development and fabrication of inorganic and organic thin film transistor (TFT) arrays
  • Design for manufacturability with high yield and optimal circuit performance
  • Early stage prototyping and low-volume production


Name Role Phone Email
Michael Marrs Associate Director (480) 727-6898

Location & Hours of Operation

Hours Location

Available to Trained Users

7 Days a Week

6:00 am - 12:00 am


Advanced Electronics and Photonics Website



Name Role Phone Email Location
Michael Marrs
Associate Director
(480) 727-6898
Research Park, 7700 S River Pkwy

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