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Preclinical Imaging Core

Overview of Services

A joint effort between the Barrow Neurological Institute and Arizona State University, the Barrow-ASU Center for Preclinical Imaging provides state-of-the-art imaging tools and expertise for researchers in the Phoenix area and endeavors to advance biosciences across Arizona.

Biomedical imaging is a proven and powerful tool that has advanced healthcare globally thanks to its non- or minimally- invasive nature and continuous improvements in technique. Since 2009 the BNI-ASU Center for Preclinical Imaging has been providing a unique service to researchers across the Phoenix area. The Bruker 7T MRI has been a resource that has provided data for numerous publications and grant applications. Since its inception, the imaging center has been used by over 50 investigators for over 100 studies. In 2016, the capabilities of the center were greatly expanded with the addition of a microPET and microCT system. The center was (and remains the only) one in Arizona with capabilities to acquire preclinical MRI, PET and CT data in the same animal. Investigators can use this resource to examine, in vivo, both anatomy and function in their preclinical models. In addition to advanced technology, the Center for Preclinical Imaging also provides imaging expertise to help researchers develop and implement their imaging protocols.



Dakota Ortega, Manager;

Gregory Turner; Scientific Adviser;

Jason Steel; Director Biosciences Core;



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